Venture Bikes Promotional Offers

Venturing Club Discount

Venture Bikes is dedicated to enriching your life through cycling adventures. You don’t always need the best gear, but better gear can enhance and extend your bike rides. For this reason we have created the Venturing Club so you can venture further with upgrades to make your cycling life more enjoyable. 

The Venturing Club Discount requires a one time only purchase of $30 for a lifetime membership. Your $30 membership will save you 10% off on all your parts and accessories over $50, and 20% off any one part and accessory over $50 once per month. 

*Venture Bikes reserves the right to alter the conditions and terms of the Venturing Club at their sole discretion.

Messenger Discount

We recognize the huge contribution of professional bike messengers to Minneapolis’ bike culture. We also acknowledge that bike messengers are pioneers in decarbonizing our lives. We are honored to offer a 15% discount to bike messengers who can offer proof of bicycle courier work in the last 30 days. As a messenger you will be placed in a special class of customer. We will track what products messengers buy, and we will do our best to keep those products in stock. We will also promote as “professional grade” products messengers use to the amateurs in our community. 

*Venture Bikes reserves the right to alter the terms of the Messenger Discount at their sole discretion.

New Bike Customer Care

  • 15% off all parts and accessories 
  • 1 year free minor adjustments
  • Free installation of accessories, except racks and fenders are 50% off labor charge

We know the exhilaration of purchasing a bicycle. In order to make this experience special, you will receive all parts and accessories 15% off at the time of your purchase of a new bicycle. In addition, the installation of accessories purchased will be free, and rack and fender installation will be 50% off. As you break in your new bike, minor adjustments of brakes, shifting and bike fit are expected and will be free for the first year of owning your bike. Now go make your new bike your own and ride. 

*Venture Bikes reserves the right to alter the conditions and terms of the New Bike Customer Care Package at their sole discretion.