Bike Service

Venture Bikes Bike Service and Repair

Venture Bikes Midtown is your go-to bike service shop on the Midtown Greenway.  From a quick flat fix to a complete overhaul, we’ll get you rolling again.  We offer a full range of service options and offer fast, efficient service.  Now is the time to bring your bicycle in for service! Schedule your appointment today.

Venture Bikes Bike Tune Up Packages

Basic Tune Up Package  $60

  • Clean and lube the chain on the bike
  • Align derailleur hanger
  • Adjust shifting
  • Basic wheel true on the bike
  • Adjust braking

Pro Tune Up Package $130

  • Clean the chain with a chain washer.
  • Remove chainring(s) and cassette/freewheel and soak them in Park Tool’s 100% biodegradable, natural, plant-based degreaser and scrub them until they shine.
  • Scrub derailleur(s)
  • Pro wheel true on truing stand
  • Cone and axle bearing adjustment
  • Align derailleur hanger
  • Adjust shifting
  • Adjust braking
  • Lube chain
  • Wipe clean frame, hubs and all components–bike will be as clean as new.

Venture Bikes Bike Wash Packages

Bike Wash  $20

This wash is perfect for after a day out on the trail or as general maintenance on your winter ride.

  • The bike will be washed and scrubbed with bike wash.
  • The bike will be rinsed with a spray hose.
  • The bike will be dried with an air compressor.

Restoration Polish  $100

  • The bike’s hubs, rims and other components will be polished by hand.
  • The bike’s chain, cassette and chainring will be cleaned and lubed on the bike.
  • The bike frame will be cleaned with bike soup and hand polished with the appropriate polish for the frame’s material.
  • The bike’s saddle will be treated for longevity and suppleness.

Venture Bikes Electric Bicycle Repair Policy

  • Due to a lack of technical support, diagrams or service parts, we are unable to service motors and electronics on all ebikes that we do not sell. As a result, we will not be held responsible for electrical components, batteries and motors that we do not service.
  • We are able to work on the bicycle components of most ebikes. This includes tune ups, adjusting shifting, braking and repairing flat tires. Before Venture Bikes technicians will service these bicycles, the consumer must read and sign our Electric Bicycle Service Authorization form.
  • Customers with bikes that we do not sell will need to remove their battery(s) and take it/them and their keys with them.
  • Due to added weight and tedious complexities of ebike design, there are added fees to account for the added time that repairs on ebikes require.
  • Some ebike brands do not adhere to standard bike construction and take extra time due to unique designs; brands such as Vanmoof and some Rad Bikes will be charged an hourly rate.